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While our förening was renovating the building, their 3rd party contractor company made a mistake. This mistake caused a vattenskada at our kitchen. I talked with my own försäkring and they do not want to take any reponsibility as water comes outside my apartment. Förening accepts and agrees that their entrepreneur caused the vattenskada. But they want me to solve the problem directly with the 3rd party entrepreneur. 1- What shall i demand from förening as we will not be able to use our kitchen for around 7-8 weeks. Our kitchen cabinets are also effected and walls. 2- What do you recommend I shall do to fix this problem best way, that I do not take any future responsibility.
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Much depends on your insurance situation. In the following I assume that you have a home insurance with supplementary underwritten in addition to the home Insurance (bostadsrättstillägg).
1. The "Förening" (with their Insurance if they decide to use it) is responsible to take care about nedeed work drying, repairing, etc for what is under the surface of floor and walls.

2. Your Insurance company shall cover costs connected to next step, i.e.renovation of surface of walls and kitchen cabinets.

Your Insurance Company shall then settle this cost with the Insurance Company that the renovating Company have (if any)
If not you have to demand compensation directly from the Company.
3. From a strict legal point of view you are not entitled to any economic compansation from the "Förening" due to the fact that you have been unable to use your kitchen during the renovation period. The "Föreningen" has not caused the water leak, it is the renovating Company. You can always try to present your claim to them and see if they are willing to compensate you, but if you go to Court it will be hard to win. All depends on why and how the leak was generated.

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